Remote Tantra Massage and Astral Healing Therapist Training

Heal others while overcoming limitations of distance

For many, remote or distance healing sounds phantasmagoric or like something out of a sci-fi movie. Those myths stop here.

The truth is, if you understand the foundational principles of Tantra as a science of energy, the true nature of astral energy and the astral realm, and the fundamentals of controlling your mind, you can heal others from afar, and experience miraculous healing yourself too!

The Remote Tantra Massage and Astral Energy Healing methods are not well-known. Most energy healing employs vague bio-energy, which is more dense, unreliable and not so easy to transmit effectively across space, time and distance. This is where the energy used in Remote Tantra shines as an exceptional medium for powerful and potent healing.

This Therapist Training gives a structured and systematic approach to the art of remote healing and distance Tantra Massage, and presents a step-by-step program in becoming a certified therapist in personal or professional life through Somananda Tantra School. Read more


11 days online course



In this 11-day intensive online training you will…

  • Understand a new definition of health according to Tantra and what dis-ease is really
  • Come to know the inner workings of the energetic infrastructure of the human being in-depth and its relationship to physical health
  • Learn multiple protocols for remote Tantra Massage and Astral Energy Healing sessions
  • Gain tools for client diagnosis of blockages and disturbances on the physical, energetic, emotional and mental levels
  • Develop discernment of which Remote Tantra modality and healing protocol to apply in which situation
  • Discover key mechanisms of remote tantric healing for the safe and harmonious unraveling and healing of human dysfunctions and dis-ease

Most importantly, Somananda will ensure that you are educated on the importance of Karma and Karma Yoga in the healing realm and profession and how to safely and spiritually offer support to others.

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Who is this training for?

The Remote Tantra Massage and Astral Healing Therapist Training is for anyone who wishes to embark on a tantric journey and take their distance and energy healing skills to the next level in their personal or professional life. As a graduate of this training you will be a certified therapist through our school.

Will I be able to heal others from a distance at the end of this training?

This is the goal of this therapist training. Please be aware, however, that every individual has their own unique learning curve, strengths, weakness, limitations and challenges.

In some cases, more time and energy is needed to become skillful and effective in the Remote Tantra and Astral Healing Methods. You will, nevertheless, gain all the techniques and tools you need to become a master healer. If you are diligent and apply yourself, the results will come.

Can I teach Remote Tantra or Astral Healing?

No, this training is strictly for becoming a certified therapist and offering sessions to clients in a one-on-one setting. Teaching this method without the proper authority and training can result in harmful repercussions and karmic implications.

Can you really feel energy in an online course?

Due to the recent lockdowns we were motivated to offer many of our courses in an online format. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback from our students.

So, yes, in short, with the right spiritual guidance and support, energy can be transmitted and felt through a virtual platform and from a distance.

For further insight, check out the feedback videos from our students who recently completed our Remote Tantra Workshop online. Many were pleasantly surprised how powerful and effective the Somananda Tantra School approach to energy healing really is!

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