Remote Tantra: A Solution for Modern Times

11 October Oct 2021
Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru
Founder and Head Teacher

Socialization, human connection and physical touch are not a mere luxury but an essential need.

From the perspective of neurobiology and social psychology humans are wired to connect and that drive for connection is as fundamental to our health and wellbeing as our basic need for food, water and shelter.

Current world events and mandatory lockdowns have created a collateral pandemic – a pandemic of isolation, loneliness, fear of connection with others and a craving for intimacy in romantic and non-romantic dynamics and relationships.

Remote Tantra is the ultimate solution to modern times and dilemmas. Let me explain how and why…

Remote Tantra - the cure for isolation, loneliness and fear
Mandatory lockdowns have created a collateral pandemic of isolation, loneliness, depression and fear. Remote Tantra can help.

How Remote Tantra came to be

I empathize with the plight of human souls who crave love, intimacy and connection with others but are afraid or prevented from doing so. This was the main inspiration and motivation behind the creation of the Remote Tantra system.

Over the last 20 years I have been honing, refining and perfecting my ability to master and control energy. Once I realized I could control energy within myself, I began applying the same principles to control energy outside of myself, and eventually in other people.


Tantra - How to master energy

Steps to Mastering Energy


If energy can be controlled inside of me and outside of me, what is stopping it from being transmitted or exchanged from afar and remotely?

The answer is absolutely nothing. Energy is limitless. It has no bounds and can even surpass and bypass complex constructs such as space and time.

I began spontaneously working with energy in a more remote and telepathic fashion several years ago for my own personal evolution and to strengthen my mind and energy skills. I never thought it would be something that I would teach and share with students.

Remote Tantra - energy can be transmitted and felt regardless of space and time
Energy is unlimited and nothing prevents it from being transmitted from afar. It knows no bounds.

But as they say, God works in mysterious ways, and I do feel this intuitive push towards experimenting with remote and distance healing so many years ago was so that I could provide a solution to humanity during dark times such as these. It was a divine revelation of sorts, although it didn’t occur to me until recently when lockdowns ensued and I witnessed the struggle and suffering of many students, friends and loved ones as a result.

I quickly and methodically systematized all that I had learned, discovered and researched over the years and came up with a structured curriculum for applying tantric principles to a remote setting. I have made this system of healing available and accessible to anyone with a sincere interest to learn. It is replicable and backed by over 20 years of tantric and yogic experience and practice.

Step-by-step you can learn the foundational principles of Tantra as a science of energy, the true nature of energy and the laws that govern it, as well as the basics of developing your mind and transmitting energy mentally.

By mastering these steps, you can heal others from afar, experience remote sexuality, exchange remote Tantra Massage sessions and undergo a miraculous healing within yourself too. It is a revolutionary way of interacting and connecting with others at the level of the heart and mind.

What is Remote Tantra exactly?

Remote Tantra is exactly as the name insinuates – Tantric practices done remotely. I will explain more, but first, let’s briefly define Tantra as a whole.

Tantra is a vast spiritual system and collection of rare and secret knowledge that helps one to achieve self-realization at its highest levels. If becoming a Buddha is not of interest to you, not to worry. Tantra also serves as an exquisite way to live, making the most mundane and ordinary life into an extraordinary existence full of meaning, purpose and bliss.

All tantric teachings and branches of Tantra are based on one fundamental principle and universal force…ENERGY.

As a tantric practitioner you learn how to control, move and master energy inside of yourself and outside of yourself. All of the various branches, spiritual methodologies and techniques contained within the tantric system harness, utilize and control energy for spiritual purposes and gains.

Since Remote Tantra falls under the tantric umbrella, it too is 100% energetically based. By applying tantric principles, you can do tantric practices such as Tantric Sexuality, Tantra Massage and Tantric Remote Energy Healing.

Remote work means you are not in the physical presence of another. You are working on someone (whether that be a partner, lover, friend or family member) or with them from afar. This can be done virtually, through Zoom or another similar platform where you are live streaming and acting in real time, via the dreams, or strictly telepathically without a virtual medium.

Remote Tantra - sending energy from afar and telepathically
Remote Tantra means you are bypassing the physical realm and sending energy in a more subtle realm of existence.

When you do Tantra in this way you are essentially surpassing the physical realm and working in a more subtle realm. That realm can be the etheric, astral, or at the higher levels, purely mental.

Because these realms are more abstract in nature and function on a higher frequency, the rules and perceived limitations that apply to us in our physical reality do not apply here.

These higher realms are much more malleable and elastic in nature and that is why doing Tantra in more subtle worlds can actually be more powerful and potent than working in the physical world.

Working in the higher realms does require special knowledge though. You must come to understand how these realms work, how the laws that govern them differ from the physical plane and how the energy here functions.

Since no physical techniques are applied in Remote Tantra and you are not working directly with a physical body or presence, you will need to rely strictly on your mind power and visualization to effectively practice Remote Tantra.


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The role of the mind in Remote Tantra

Mental capacities such as concentration, visualization, transference and transmittance, are key in Remote Tantra.

This can be problematic as modern minds these days are unfortunately very chaotic and undisciplined. We bombard ourselves with constant stimulation all day every day and rarely do we require our mind to be still or in silence. The mind is constantly demanding to be entertained and we oblige.

If the fluctuations of the mind cannot be stilled or tamed, then the mind is ineffectual and weak.

Remote Tantra - in order to send energy remotely a strong mind is necessary
Step one in Remote Tantra is to first master your own mind and improve your concentration. 

Remote Tantra, at its core, is a transferring or exchanging of energy, but for this to happen it needs a strong mind directing it. Energy flows where the mind goes. If the mind is chaotic, the energy is chaotic. If the mind is laser-focused, the energy will follow suit.

So, step one, in Remote Tantra is first to master your own mind to some degree. The good news is this isn’t too incredibly difficult. The mind actually thrives on discipline and by practicing some very basic techniques consistently you can quickly gain authority over your mindscape.

Once the mind is somewhat orderly, step two is to then learn how to use the mind to control energy. Again, even a basic level of energy mastery is enough for Remote Tantra to be successful and effective.

The different applications of Remote Tantra

Remote Tantra, as I teach it, encompasses three modalities: Self-healing, Tantric Remote Energy Healing and Remote Tantric Sexuality. I will briefly explain each and how they differ from one another.


It is possible to use the same principles used in healing others remotely and applying these principles to yourself for self-healing.

Remote Tantra - the same principles used in Remote Tantra can be applied to yourself for self healing
Remote Tantra doesn’t have to only be used for healing others. It can be used to heal yourself too!

The energies we use in Tantra and Tantric Remote Energy healing can be directed towards oneself. These healing energies can far surpass the physical body as well and touch deeper layers and levels. Self-healing protocols work on the physical, energetic, sexual, emotional, psychological and even the mental level. 

Through tantric self-healing you can resolve mental impurities, negative thinking patterns, remove sexual and psychosomatic blockages, heal a broken heart, decrease and even eliminate pain, put you more in tune with harmonious energies and frequencies, upgrade your resonance, and so on. There really are no limits to what it can do. 

Healing on all levels is possible with tantric self-healing and healing a variety of issues is possible if you know how to systematically penetrate the deeper levels of your being and control energy. 

Tantric Remote Energy Healing 

Tantric Remote Energy Healing is a superior form of healing and the methods are not well-known.

Most energy healing these days employs vague bio-energy, which is more dense, unreliable and not so easy to transmit effectively across space and time.

Tantric Remote Energy Healing, however, uses multiple kinds of energy that are much more potent and malleable than bio-energy. Energies such as pranic energy, astral energy, mental energy and sexual energy are used.

Each of these energies can provide a specialized type of healing too, meaning that different situations may call for different energies to be used. All of these energies can be transmuted into healing energy and used to heal various ailments, pain and dis-ease. 

Remote Tantra - Remote Tantric Energy Healing is one of the branches of Remote Tantra
Remote Tantric Energy Healing uses much more sophisticated types of energy and a clear methodology making it a superior form of distance healing.

Additionally, Tantric Remote Energy Healing is very systematic in nature. You often times find energy healers who have no formal training and operate strictly from intuition or a sixth sense. And while I am not discounting that this can still be helpful and beneficial, energy healing can be more powerful if there is a defined methodology that is followed and universal laws that are abided by.

Remote Tantric Sexuality

As with all the branches of Tantra, Tantric Sexuality incorporates and controls energy. It is a sophisticated form of lovemaking that is both sublime and divine.

Remote Tantra - one of the three branches of Remote Tantra is Remote Sexuality
Remote Tantric Sexuality can be as profound and intense as physical sexuality. You can experience the same feelings, sensations and pleasure as though you and your partner were together in the flesh. 

Remote Tantric Sexuality can be as profound as physical sexuality. You can have the same exquisite feelings, sensations, sense of closeness and intimacy and pleasure as if you and your partner were together in the flesh. Whole body orgasm can also be achieved leaving you feeling unbelievably fulfilled.

Remote Sexuality can be practiced when physical sexuality is not a possibility. Here are some common situations where it can be used:

  • Couples who find themselves separated during lockdowns with no way to reunite for an extended period of time
  • Long distance relationships
  • If you or your partner travel for a living and want a way to keep the intimacy alive while being apart from one another
  • With another tantric practitioner who is keen to improve their energy control and experience an otherworldly form of sexuality

Does Remote Tantra have limitations?

The limitations that exist within the Remote Tantra realm are more related to the practitioners rather than the system itself.

Remote Tantra will work even with the most basic level of skills and training. However, in some cases, if the giver or receiver comes to the table with their own individual limitations, then this can definitely have an effect on the success and outcome.

Common limitations can include:

  • Faith and belief: This is applicable for both the giver and receiver. If the giver doubts his or her abilities then they will not be able to powerfully transmit or direct energy to the receiver. If the receiver is skeptical or doubtful about the existence of energy and supernatural phenomena then the energy sent can be very powerful but it will hit an invisible wall and not be able to penetrate their aura.
  • Blockages: If the receiver is impure physically and has many blockages, it may take time before they feel any effects. It is not to say the energy is not working. It is working, just at a more subtle level that is difficult to discern. The more the receiver purifies and releases blockages, the more energetically sensitive they will become and the more they will be able to perceive and feel what is taking place.
  • Karma: To realize the full potential of remote Tantra requires good karma. Remote Tantra isn’t just sending energy. When done correctly it can serve as an awakening. It can jolt you out of the matrix and this illusory reality and make you suddenly realize your true nature. This is a gift and the receiver must be ready and deserving for such a good fate.
  • Weak mind: As mentioned, the mind is key in remote Tantra. If the mind of the giver is not developed to a minimal level they will simply be ineffective at being able to connect with the receiver on the subtle levels and transmit energy properly.

A typical remote session

Whether you are doing Remote Tantra in a personal or professional setting, a calm and sacred space should be created to foster the right energy, mindset and intentions. It is recommended that both parties (giver/receiver or two lovers) set up their own spaces.

Here are some simple preparations you can make and you can advise your partner or client to make as well.

Prepare the space

Prepare a space as though it was a physical meeting or session taking place. There should be privacy and a serene atmosphere where you can concentrate and internalize.

Remote Tantra - preparing your space for a remote healing session
When preparing for a Remote Tantra session it is important to prepare your healing space.
  • Use a nice well-lit space or room
  • Light some candles and incense
  • Have a spiritual statue, figurine or yantra nearby for support and to keep the energy of a high resonance
  • You can play soft relaxing music in the background, if it is not distracting

Preparing yourself

  • Shower and groom yourself
  • Wear white clothing as this is the color of purity and divinity
  • Before the remote session meditate or do a Tantra Yoga session to help center the mind, energy and emotions within

Ask for support

It is wise to perform what the yogis call a consecration. This is essentially a prayer or offering where you dedicate and surrender the fruits and results of your actions to something higher than yourself.

By doing this you are detaching yourself from the outcome, relinquishing egoic intentions and opening yourself up to be a channel for the will of the divine.

Perform the remote session

The next step is to perform the remote session. The protocol will differ depending on the modality of Remote Tantra you are practicing.

Our Remote Tantra offerings teach you step-by-step protocols that you can easily follow and are known to produce results. Plus, when you study with us you will participate in several practice sessions with your peers so that the protocol becomes ingrained and second nature and you build your skills and mind control more and more.

Conclude harmoniously

It is important to conclude harmoniously and correctly close the portal of energy that was opened. You can do this by saying out loud that the session will now come to an end and then finish with a gesture or prayer or gratitude to your partner or client as well as to the divine.

Remote Tantra - conclude harmoniously and close the energy portal
At the end of a healing session it is important to conclude harmoniously and to close the energy portal that was open. Finish with a humble prayer or expression of gratitude. 

Ways to study Remote Tantra

I have curated two paths of study if Remote Tantra interests you. One is more introductory in nature while the other is an 11-day intensive certification program for those who wish to in a professional setting. I describe each below and outline what makes them unique.

Introduction to Tantric Remote Energy Healing 

The teachings and techniques learned in this 4-day introductory workshop are the ABC’s of Self-healing, Tantric Remote Energy Healing and Remote Sexuality and are intended to support you in your personal life only. They can be shared and practiced with friends, family and/or romantic partners.

The first day will lay the groundwork for theoretically understanding energy control, healing and transmission. The next three days will be dedicated to exploring each of the modalities of Remote Tantra more in-depth and to virtual remote healing practice sessions with your peers – so essentially putting the theory into practice and experiencing the power of Remote Tantra firsthand. 

In this workshop, I really hope to help you expand your perception of what is truly possible!


Introduction to Tantric Remote Energy Healing

Part of Tantra Sexuality Module


Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist Training 

This is the most thorough training in the Remote Tantra arts and the knowledge gained can be used in personal and/or professional life. Upon completion of this 11-day training and passing the exam, you will be a certified therapist.

Prepare to take a deep dive into your mind and mind control for superior energy transmission and results. There will be extensive practice healing sessions on a daily basis with your peers and an opportunity for personal healing as well as professional skill building.

The first 4 days of this course is the Introduction to Tantric Remote Energy Healing. After those first 4 days we will say farewell to the introductory students and shift towards the higher-level teachings and training. Do note, this therapist training does not certify you as a remote sex therapist. You will be licensed in Remote Tantric Energy Healing only. 


Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist Training

Part of Tantra Sexuality Module


If you desire to know how to heal others from afar and surpass limitations of distance, then Remote Tantra is for you!


Founder and Head Teacher

Spiritual yogi, lecturer, teacher and author, Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School.

Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru

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