Free Guided Meditations

Guided meditation for relaxation

  • Type: Guided meditation
  • Teacher: Somananda
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Tips: Lie down, close your eyes and try to avoid any movement. You can also practice this together with your partner.
In this guided meditation track Somananda gently navigates all aspects of your mind to find profound inner peace, harmony and power. Deep relaxation is where all the good things happen – physical healing and rejuvenation, mental de-cluttering, emotional balance and feeling the presence of the divine. Enjoy this spiritual meditation.

Inner self meditation

  • Type: Guided meditation
  • Teacher: Somananda
  • Duration: 21 minutes
  • Tips: Sit in comfortable position with your spine straight, close your eyes and try to avoid any movement
In deep states of relaxation and meditation the true nature of our mind and our inner self becomes accessible. Join Somananda in this deeply tranquil and highly spiritual meditation as he assists you in gaining authority over your own mind and instructs you on how to cultivate deep levels of consciousness at will. Drift into a relaxing calmness and experience an extraordinary mental freedom and flow.

Guided meditation for love

  • Type: Guided meditation
  • Teacher: Somananda
  • Duration: 21 minutes
  • Tips: Sit in comfortable position with your spine straight, close your eyes and try to avoid any movement
Somananda’s hypnotic voice melts you into a state of selflessness and compassion at the level of Anahata chakra in this meditation. Experience deep levels of relaxation where your mind meets your heart and your heart meets your mind. Become a beacon of light as vibrations of universal love radiate from the center of your chest and pierce the fabric of universal consciousness.

Guided meditation for inner peace

  • Type: Guided meditation
  • Teacher: Somananda
  • Duration: 21 minutes
  • Tips: Sit in comfortable position with your spine straight, close your eyes and try to avoid any movement
Relieve and release yourself from non-beneficial thinking habits which create disharmony and self destructive patterns. Somananda guides you at the level of the subconscious mind in this meditation to become aware of your own inner advisor and innate wisdom and how to use these to forgive yourself and to make wise, conscious and harmonious choices going forward. Connect to your true essence and learn the gift of self forgiveness and acceptance in this deeply rewarding and liberating meditation.

What is a guided meditation?

Liisa leading a group meditation at our annual Kashmiri Shaivism Retreat in Greece.

Guided meditation is a great bridge and tool for beginners before practicing more advanced meditation techniques. Being completely quiet, still and alone with your own mind can be intimidating and challenging initially.

This type of spiritual meditation practice allows students to have a specific focus, the comfort of the voice of the person that is leading the practice, as well as the stable energy of a well-trained teacher. Such guiding can bypass the controlling mechanism of the mind, and passively affect it in a positive way, with very little resistance.

If done correctly, a guided meditation can take the practitioner beyond the conscious part of his or her mind, where there are limitations, to the subconscious aspect, where pure potential and non-judgement reside.


The purpose and results of a guided meditation can greatly differ. It simply depends on the chosen topic, the intended purpose according to the author, as well as the spiritual suggestions and impressions that are given.

Generally speaking there are guided meditation for anxiety, stress release, relaxation, insomnia, inner peace, for arousing specific chakras, cultivating self-love, and much more.

Tips for a successful meditation

  • Always sit for meditation (on the floor or in a chair), unless indicated otherwise.
    Students in group meditation at the Meditation Teacher Training Course, India.

    For some guided meditations it is recommended to lie down. Use props as needed, so that you are comfortable and not distracted by any discomforts of the physical body.

  • Find a quiet place and space where you will not be disturbed. You can use earphones to help you interiorize.
  • When thoughts come just simply observe, let them go and then bring your attention and concentration back to the meditation.
  • Consistency is key to achieve results. Set aside 20-30 minutes every day.

Important note

Students meditating in Vajrasana. This is a powerful meditation asana that can encourage wakefulness and powerful energy movement.

Without a deep understanding of the subconscious mind, successful achievements and results in spiritual practice, and a high level of spiritual aptitude, a person should not create their own guided meditations. What seems like helpful and valuable impressions and suggestions can actually be harmful and counterproductive, in many ways, without proper training and spiritual initiations.

Therefore, we recommend always to use meditations which are created and guided by high level initiates and spiritual masters. The meditations you see here on our site are all compiled by Somananda – a spiritual yogi for over 20 years.

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