About Us

Somananda Tantra School is a pioneering spiritual university with a mission to bring the ancient knowledge of Tantra, tantric Yoga and meditation to modern-day spiritual seekers from around the globe. We know that Tantra is one of the most powerful paths of transformation for personal and spiritual development and for finding your way back to your real nature – the true Self.

Every year we provide more than 30 comprehensive courses and retreats of varying durations worldwide. Our teachers travel to highly sought-after destinations such as Portugal, Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India delivering soul-touching spiritual teachings to thousands of international students.


Our teachers and team


Founder and Head Teacher

Spiritual yogi, lecturer, teacher and author, Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School. Read more

Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager. Read more


Senior Teacher

Born in Israel in 1977, Dharmananda could be described as a modern-day “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” of Yoga. He is a meditation master. Read more

Tiffany Tanner

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

After a pivotal course Tiffany abandoned conventional living and committed to a daily life firmly rooted in spirituality, first and foremost. Read more

Siegbert Büschel

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

Siegbert’s initial Christian upbringing prompted him to explore the purpose of life, which ironically led him to Yoga. Read more

Lucila Croce

Teacher of Tantra Yoga and Meditation

A sense of deep incompleteness and a serious health issue were the forces that propelled Lucila to study spiritual Yoga. Read more

Mel Harris

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

Mel served as a top consultant for the British government and business sectors for over 20 years before professional burnout urged her to pursue spirituality. Read more

Mina Bergant Herič

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

From a filmmaker to a yogini. Mina has found her true passion and purpose and has transformed herself into a spiritual teacher. Read more

Jana Braniselj

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

Imprisoned. This is how Jana would describe her life before she went on a spiritual pursuit and discovered authentic spiritual Tantra. Read more

Kadri Siimon

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

In her early years Kadri led what she would describe as a racy and provocative lifestyle. She was often left feeling empty and unfulfilled, yearning for answers and more meaning in her life. Read more

Liis Veski

Communications Manager and Team Assistant

Liis has been serving the school in an administrative capacity since 2021. She is both an integral and invaluable asset to the team. Read more