Taste of Tantra


Taste of Tantra

This workshop is meant to bring you through the gates of authentic and true Tantra, and far beyond!

By getting an introduction into each of the tantric branches – tantric yoga, meditation, sexuality, metaphysics and more – you will be taken on an exhilarating journey into tantric bliss.

Through rare theoretical knowledge and lectures as well as practical and experiential exercises designed to infuse your mind, body and spirit, true Tantra will be revealed to you.

After completing this intensive weekend experience you will be able to unequivocally discern and distinguish genuine Tantra and choose your direction on this vast spiritual path.


2 days online course

Level of teaching:

This is an important basis-course necessary for everyone

Teachings and experiences

Going deeper

In this course many topics from Tantra will be touched upon. For further study and proficiency in each of the branches of Tantra it is necessary to enrol in the appropriate full duration course with us where you will receive the complete teachings, techniques and necessary initiations by our teachers.

Taste of Tantra course will give you a perfect understanding as to which branch of Tantra is most relevant and interesting for you.

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What do I need to bring with me to the workshop?

All registered participants will receive an email approximately one week prior to the course start date, which will explicitly state all relevant details and items to bring.

Is this course about sex or sexuality?

It is a common misconception that Tantra is only about sex. Sexuality encompasses only 5 to 10% of the tantric teachings. Tantra is, in fact, a comprehensive spiritual path with many branches and practices such as yoga, meditation, powers of the mind energy and many more. All the different facets of Tantra will be explored and explained in this workshop intensive.

This course contains no sexual practices or nudity of any kind.

Is this workshop only for beginners?

This workshop appeals predominantly to beginners. However, many more experienced students have joined the course and received a lot of information they did not ever come across before during their studies.

Regardless of your level of understanding of Tantra, you will gain tremendous knowledge and tantric know-how that is both illuminating and practical.

Will I receive the full teachings of your Tantra Massage and/or Spiritual Tantra Sexuality courses in this 2-day course?

No. This 2-day workshop is designed to give you a taste and sample of the many branches and elements of Tantra. It does not replace the full duration courses, where you will receive extensive theoretical knowledge, techniques and practices.

Many of the topics that will be explored in the Taste of Tantra will be given in an introductory format, which will dispel many misconceptions, provide clarity on what Tantra really is as a whole and explain how each of the parts serve as powerful tools for a happy, harmonious and fully integrated life.

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