Mysteries of Shambhala

Establish a genuine connection with Shambhala

Shambhala is said to be a mystical paradise spoken of in ancient texts, like the Kalachakra Tantra. Some traditions claim it is a land of ineffable peace, the fountainhead of all spiritual wisdom, a place where love and wisdom reign and a utopia where great spiritual masters reside.

According to spiritual legends, Shambhala is an inaccessible promised land of this world but not located in this world. It exists on the very edge of reality, having a foothold in both the physical and the metaphysical realms, mediating between God’s Will and the Free Will of humanity.

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3 days online course


For spiritual seeker with 1-2 years of study

The inhabitants of Shambhala are a community of perfect and semi-perfect beings who live together in harmony, guiding the evolution of humanity. They possess supernatural abilities, harbor and protect deep spiritual knowledge, and their mental powers and intellect far surpass anything the earthly world has ever attained or can fathom.

As a participant, you will receive carefully selected and proven spiritual techniques that can enhance and improve your ability to perceive the subtle actions, ultimate purpose and unique energy of Shambhala.

A daily practice of communion in the company of two genuine tantric masters will be of utmost importance in getting into contact with the energy and grace of Shambhala.

You will take a deep dive into the divine mystery that is Shambhala and put yourself in contact with the ultimate source of spiritual support and grace for accelerating quickly on your evolutionary path.

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Who is this course for?

This course is designed for any spiritual aspirant with a sincere and genuine interest to understand the true spiritual mysteries and spiritual structure of this world and through this knowledge to connect with Shambhala.

Does Somananda or Dharmananda need to be my guru for me to join this retreat?

No, this is not necessary. The Shaktipat transmission of energy is not left to the discretion of our teachers, but rather strictly imparted according to the will of the Divine. For some students they find it beneficial to align themselves with a specific guru and/or spiritual lineage. Doing so can help elevate their faith, devotion and spiritual practice to the next level. However, this is something that is voluntary and a process that should take place organically over time and with spiritual maturity. It should not be forced nor occur at the level of the mind or ego, but rather from the heart.

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