Tantra of Relationships

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A tantric relationship is not the same thing is an open relationship or polyamory. 

At its basis, it represents a powerful and spiritual union between a couple which accelerates the evolution of both partners. It is a relationship built on unconditional love with deep appreciation to the fundamental principles of the Masculine and the Feminine – Shiva and Shakti.

In this course you will learn to transform your relationship – either a current or a future one – into a tantric, spiritual partnership that will bring about elevated results bringing both of you closer to spiritual enlightenment. Read more


4 to 5 days, depending on format


For both singles and couples

Such tantric union needs to be studied and understood thoroughly in order to facilitate such incredible transformation for a couple. Eventually, tantric relationships lead to a deeper understanding of relationships altogether and a realization that our partner is a gateway to the Divine. 

This workshop does not feature any nudity or explicit presentations. Some eroticism is incorporated in practical exercises, however, every participant can choose their own level of engagement.

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Is this course only for couples?

This course is open to singles and couples. Some say that the best time to prepare for a happy relationship is when you are not in one.

An effort is made to accept an equal number of men and women for this course, in order to have gender balance also during practical exercises.

Please note that participants are encouraged to pair up with different partners during exercises in order to experience energetic exchange with a variety of individuals.

Can I work only with my own partner?

Partners joining the course together may choose to work exclusively together; no one will be forced to change partners. That said, being open-minded about working with other partners, slightly outside of your comfort zone, is highly recommended for expanding your knowledge and practice of Tantra and for experiencing the most from your participation in the course.

What do I need to bring with me to the course?

Please plan to attend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you a full range of movement. In addition, Hatha Yoga sessions will be held during the workshop, so you may wish to bring a change of clothing dedicated for use during the Yoga practice.

Specific information about the schedule and what to bring with you will be sent to all participants by email a couple of weeks before the course start date.

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