Tantric Siddha Pujas

Invoke the cosmic goddess Shakti

An accurate astrological prediction and divine grace led Somananda to Tamil Nadu in March 2020, the birthplace of the ancient siddha tradition. He immersed himself in the South Indian culture and began partaking in the local spiritual practices and pujas. Very quickly he realized that the siddha way combined with his tantric knowledge and experience was beyond powerful.

A puja is a sacred ritual or offering that is deeply embedded in Indian society and a part of everyday life.

The effects and power of a typical puja can be exponentially magnified when merged with ancient and rare siddha knowledge (prevalent in South India) together with tantric energy alchemy.

If you wish to petition for divine support and you feel a desire to experience the energy of a Tantric Siddha Puja with the sponsorship and influence of a tantric master, then we are now offering regular online group puja events. Read more


2 to 4 hours


Anyone looking for divine support

When a puja is carried out by an authentic spiritual master it can manifest into a divine and holy experience and become a transformational event that can change the very fabric of this reality.

It begins with careful planning and conducting the puja during auspicious astrological moments and planetary configurations. Secret mantras are used, tantric powers are applied and there is an invocation of the cosmic goddess, Shakti. Through Divine grace and intervention, the true magic unfolds before your very eyes.

This ceremonial rite has become an important spiritual tool Somananda has integrated into his own personal practice as well as his teachings. It is something he would now like to share with you!

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