Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

Liisa Maimon, a spiritual teacher and yogini, is an advanced teacher with Somananda Tantra School, an international organization established to offer personal spiritual development through the ancient science of Tantra Yoga.

Early life and education

Liisa’s life was meticulously engineered from childhood to meet and exceed various familial expectations and personal goals, both in the realm of career and education. In her mind she was on track to lead an exceptional self-made life, destined for great success, financial security, and eventually a family of her own, all abiding by the conventional standards of society. But the Divine had a different plan in mind and it all began to sprout after her very first course with Somananda in 2009.

Liisa providing a demonstration of the power of Tantra Massage at a retreat in Brazil

Prior to this momentous course, Liisa was tremendously invested in her higher education and she had assumed an upper level management position for the well-known international conglomerate, Johnson & Johnson. She had graduated from the University of Tartu in Estonia with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration in 2005 and had pursued her Master’s degree at the prestigious University of Constance in Germany in the area of Public Policy and Management from 2005-2007. She is fluent in Estonian, English, German, and Russian.

Starting on the spiritual path

Om Namah Shivaya

The course with Somananda was pivotal for her, changing her destiny and setting her on an unexpected and fulfilling new path in life. Following her participation, a great realization and deep, fiery spiritual yearning emerged in Liisa – one that she simply could not ignore. She abandoned her desire to move up the corporate ladder and happily dedicated herself to her spiritual studies and evolution in a resolute and uncompromising way over the next several years.

By 2012 Somananda had initiated Liisa as a Yoga, Tantra, and meditation teacher, and she has been passionately sharing this knowledge with international audiences ever since.

Helping the school to grow

In addition to being one of its advanced teachers, Liisa has also been the general manager of the School since the beginning.

Somananda Tantra School began in 2009 as an Estonia based grassroots operation with a brick-and-mortar location. Drop in yoga classes were offered alongside weekend workshops and ongoing yoga levels seven days a week. After five years of flourishing and expanding success, Somananda and Liisa wanted to spread the wings of the school and go international – bringing these precious teachings to individuals near and far.

Liisa leading a Hatha Yoga class for advanced students

Somananda Tantra School became a spiritual university with a mission to boldly meet the demands of genuine seekers from around the globe by delivering ancient knowledge in Tantra, Yoga and meditation in a clear and accessible way.

To this day, besides giving many teachings and leading various workshops and retreats in the school, Liisa is heading all the administrative tasks in the school with our international team of project managers and teachers.

Press, media, and international speaking engagements

International festivals

  • Liisa is the co-founder and creator of the International Tantra Festival, which was held in Estonia from 2013 to 2015. This was the largest dedicated Tantra festival in the world at the time, with more than 1,500 local and international attendees.
  • Liisa has been a featured speaker at various European Yoga and Tantra festivals since 2014, including Yoga Festival Estonia, Malmö Tantra Festival, and Berlin Tantra Festival, among others.

Television & radio

  • Since 2012 Liisa has made multiple appearances on Estonian National TV and commercial channels such as TV3, Kanal 2, and Tallinna TV.
  • She has been featured in interviews on Estonian Radio, Viker Radio, and others.

Print media

  • Liisa has contributed many interviews and published features to Estonian magazines and newspapers since 2012.
  • She has done multiple interviews and contributed articles to various Slovenian magazines and newspapers since 2015.
  • Liisa is the author of many blogs on important spiritual topics such as Tantra Yoga, tantric sexuality, Tantra Massage, meditation, and much more. See here!


  • Liisa produced a viral energy orgasm video which has attracted 2 million views.
  • Somananda Tantra School has over 40,000 subscribers, 150 videos, and 20 million cumulative views on its YouTube channel.
  • Liisa has created various vlogs on spiritual topics. See here.