Mel Harris

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

Mel served as a top consultant for the British government as well as FTSE 500 and SME companies for over 20 years. Life was consumed with long working days, a demanding schedule, regular meetings and networking and social obligations. Mel’s “above and beyond” attitude and due diligence brought about great affluence and success, and eventually, professional burnout.

It was here, in this juncture of transition – that in-between place where you are certain you don’t want to return to your old life but the new future life has yet to be conceived or birthed – that Mel finally heeded to a soul calling. She had been haunted by fundamental questions such as, “Who am I”, “Why am I here?”, and “What is my purpose in life” for some years, but professional and materialistic pursuits took priority.

As a child, there was an innate ability to perceive and sense an invisible world around her, which propelled Mel to study psychology, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and psychotherapy as a young adult. These early roots served as the impetus to continue her esoteric studies later in adulthood and dive deeper into the mysteries of the mind and human consciousness.

In 2016 she discovered Somananda Tantra School which provided her with a university-style approach for continuing her occult studies as well as the necessary structure and guidance for reaching new heights in her evolution and development. The teachings had a profound impact and thus catapulted Mel into a whole new way of living and being.

She is a certified teacher under Somananda Tantra School and passionately shares these teachings with others around the globe. Witnessing the transformational potential of Tantra sprout in her students brings her great fulfillment.