Mina Bergant Herič

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

Driven by a desire to uncover answers to life’s most fundamental questions, Mina’s exploration of the human condition first began in university. Graduating with degrees in both social science and filmmaking, she spent the subsequent nine years directing motion pictures in the film industry.

Her life pursuits and seemingly successful accomplishments thus far left her unsatisfied. Mina realized her existential and esoteric queries remained unanswered, despite following the status quo of evolving into adulthood. She began to look elsewhere for spiritual answers and fulfillment. 

In 2015, Mina finally uncovered her true purpose, discovered her destined and desired path going forward, as well as found her spiritual teachers, Somananda and Liisa. She became a disciple of Somananda Tantra School and has diligently pursued her spiritual studies ever since. 

Her life took a sudden and powerful turn for the better and in her daily life she began redefining her various roles as a mother and a woman. Mina is a devoted yogini and faithful to continued self-growth and evolution via the tantric path.  

Impassioned by the authentic teachings that have quenched her thirst for spiritual answers, she is dedicated to passing on to others what she has learned, in hopes to provide sincere spiritual aspirants with both fulfillment and guidance on their spiritual path.