Tiffany Tanner

Teacher of Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra Massage

Tiffany’s early years were defined by a more traditional and scientific approach to education and training. She is a certified pilates teacher and anatomy specialist with over 16 years experience, who applied a revolutionary approach to the alleviation of chronic pain naturally through biomechanics, archetypal postures and movement re-education.

In 2016 her life changed completely after participating in the Tantra Massage Therapist Training with Somananda and Liisa. After this pivotal course Tiffany immersed herself fully on the tantric path. She closed her thriving business, abandoned a conventional lifestyle and has since committed to an intense spiritual practice, or sadhana, as well as a daily life established firmly in spirituality, first and foremost.

These latter years depict a more esoteric and metaphysical way of being that feeds her both personally and professionally. Ironically, her worldly and otherworldly experiences and knowledge have integrated seamlessly.

She finds great joy in sharing and spreading these life changing teachings in a pure and authentic way under the direction and guidance of her teachers and spiritual university.