What Are the Benefits of Tantra Massage?

15 December Dec 2016
Benefits of Tantra Massage
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

Broadly speaking, tantric or Tantra massage is a step towards spiritual and bodily fulfillment, a means to channel and move energy. But this may seem abstract – what is there to gain from taking this path?

What often comes to mind with ‘Tantra massage’ is sexuality. While usage of sexual energy is a well-known part of the tantric teachings, there is a lot more to this spiritual science. It is easy to understand the scope of Tantra massage by what it has to offer to its practitioners, here follow some examples.


Tantra - How to master energy

Steps to Mastering Energy


Relief from worldly stress

Everybody loves a good massage, of course, but Tantra massage goes much deeper than just fixing up your physical body. What modern medicine has largely forgotten is  – any well-trained professional can offer physical relief, soothe pain in the joints and muscles, but to truly find inner balance, something more than a mere back rub is needed.

Tantra Massage - Tantra Massage far surpasses a regular feel-good massage
Tantra Massage has the capacity to touch you on very deep levels of your being.

Tantra massage, if practiced with true appreciation toward the laws of energy brings release, comfort and relaxation not only to the body, but to one’s whole being. If you wish to put it into categories, it has been observed to:

  • Relieve mental and emotional stress, allowing to clear one’s mind and let go of negative thinking patterns
  • Allow greater sensitivity to subtle energy flow and remove energetic blockages
  • Serve as a springboard to tantric spirituality and increase one’s curiosity towards the deeper world within us

It lays a great foundation to not only keeping your body and mind healthy, but introduce you to incredible spiritual heights.


tantra massage course

Tantra Massage Therapist Training

Part of Tantra Sexuality Module


Tantra massage allows to explore one’s spirituality

Knowing your body and its capabilities can be liberating. However, Tantra massage allows not only a means to discover a connection with your ‘self’ and your partner, but those deep ecstatic states often open a spiritual dimension – a doorway to a new way of being.

Tantra Massage - a bridge to spiritual evolution
For many people Tantra Massage is like a bright warm sun on a cloudy day, providing them with so much spiritual clarity.

Western society tends to repress sexuality, particularly for women. It often leaves both genders clueless about their sexual capabilities, often making the act itself as something mechanic. Tantra and Tantra massage have the unique potential to change that.

They open an exciting gateway to spiritual evolution, which will touch your soul in ways you cannot explain.


Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

Recommended Course

tantra massage course
Asset 1

Tantra Massage Therapist Training

Learn the steps for mastering energy

This 11-day retreat is our master course for Tantra Massage, and the key to giving and receiving the full body energy orgasm. You will learn the fundamental principles that govern the sexual energy in-depth and how to practically apply them in the practice of Tantra Massage personally or professionally. This is a certificate course.
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