What Is Distance Astral Energy Healing and How to Learn It

28 June Jun 2022
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Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru
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Energy healing is well known within the domain of alternative healing, and it is becoming more widely accepted as a way to initiate the innate healing mechanisms of the body, get to the root cause of disease, reduce pain, decrease anxiety, and balance the emotions.

With the recent pandemic, many people were forced to stay home and “normal life” came to a screeching halt, with both essential and non-essential activities prohibited. It is understandable that during a global health crisis, society as a whole should perhaps avoid bars, clubs, and malls. But what about health and wellbeing services? 

While online counseling and similar therapies are nothing new, more alternative practices that were historically reserved for physical appointments and in-person treatments became virtually available for the first time. Distance Energy Healing, or Remote Energy Healing as it is sometimes called, underwent a revival of sorts due to need and demand.

Distance Energy Healing is not a new concept, but it is more common now than ever before.

What is (distance) energy healing?

Energy healing is based on the understanding that the human being is much more than just the physical body. The human being in fact comprises multiple layers – from the most physical and gross body that we can see, feel, and control, to multiple highly subtle energy bodies that are imperceptible and extend out from the physical body (more on this later).

When the body becomes ill or out of balance, it is not just a physical manifestation. In Yoga, it is well known that disease or poor health stems from a much deeper and more subtle layer of your structure which eventually trickles down to or permeates the physical body.

By working with all of your layers – gross and subtle – you can restore health and heal from the inside out.

To simplify this concept even more, physical, mental, and emotional disturbances and conditions come about when the energy in your physical body and beyond that into the subtle bodies is stuck or not flowing.

The goal of energy healing is to correct the energetic disturbance, create balance, and harmonize the being. Then and only then can true and complete healing occur.

Energy healing can be done in-person where there is touching, massage, or an intervention with the physical body in some way, shape, or form. However, it can also be done non-physically and working strictly with a person’s individual energy field.

This latter type of practice can be done remotely, which we call Distance or Remote Energy Healing.

More about your subtle energy layers

As I mentioned, there is much more to you than just your physical body.

Did you know that in addition to the physical human anatomy there is a subtle human anatomy that makes you you? 

Remote Tantra - a human being is comprised of many layers and subtle energy bodies
You are much more then just the physical body. You are comprised of 7 energy centers and 5 bodies.

In Yoga and Tantra, we refer to these subtle layers or sheaths as the “five bodies of man.” You can compare them to the layers of an onion, for simplicity’s sake, although there is one major difference. Onion layers are individual and independent. The layers of the human being are interwoven, interconnected, and interdependent. They penetrate inside the physical body and also outside of it. All of them are energetic in nature.

Even your physical body is made up of energy. It just has a slower vibration and is made up of a denser form of energy which allows it to appear tangible, solid and made of matter.

It is important to note that if there is a disturbance or blockage in one of the bodies, there is a ripple effect to the other bodies as well.

The five bodies of man include (from “lowest” to “highest”): 

  1. The physical body
  2. The etheric or pranic body
  3. The astral or emotional body
  4. The mental body
  5. The causal body 

The lower the body, the denser the energy is there. The higher the body, the more refined and subtle the energy becomes and the more difficult it is to perceive.

I share this tidbit of information for the simple fact that in order to understand Distance Energy Healing and believe in its potentiality, you must know that you are an energetic being first and foremost.

The goal of energy healing is to correct the energetic disturbance, create balance, and harmonize the being.

Different forms of energy you can use for healing

Tantra is the science and study of energy. Many believe it to be some kind of kinky sex or Kama Sutra positions to spice up your intimate life, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is Tantra is a vast spiritual system that utilizes and controls energy for the evolution of the soul and the raising of the consciousness. There is much more to say on this topic but for a comprehensive overview on Tantra, I recommend that you read the below article. 


New to Tantra? Read our comprehensive guide for beginners

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So why is this relevant? 

Well, Tantra recognizes many different types of energy that are available for us to use as human beings, for example, bio-energy, pranic energy (aka “chi” or “qi”), astral energy, mental energy, and sexual energy. There are also the energies of sounds, vibration, music, colors, shapes (sacred geometry), and many others.

Most energy healing modalities these days use a vague form of bio-energy or prana – more basic forms of energy that are not well defined or sophisticated.

However, there is a very refined and potent form of energy and that is astral energy.

What is astral energy?

Astral energy is emotional energy.

The energy of the emotions is very dynamic and powerful in Tantra. This is assuming that it is controlled and disciplined, and not running wild.

When uncontrolled, emotional energy can run rampant, causes chaos and confusion, and is very destructive in nature.

Remote Tantra - Remote Tantra utilizes Astral Energy as a potent form of healing energy
There are many different types of energy in the universe that we can harness and use for various purposes. Astral Energy is one type which is more subtle and refined in nature and more malleable.

When controlled, the energy that is generated from various emotional states can be transformed, transmuted and directed in a specific way and toward a specific purpose. It can be reformed into a usable and healing form of energy if a skilled practitioner is involved.

Astral energy also has a different consistency when compared to other types of energy. It is more malleable in nature, like putty, and can be adapted and molded to suit all kinds of healing needs.

One could go as far as to say that astral energy is a universal healing energy.

Distance Astral Energy Healing

I have been studying and practicing Tantra for more than 25 years. Since a young age I have always had a keen interest in natural health and healing modalities.

Once I reached a certain level of success in my spiritual practice and on the tantric path, I began experimenting with applying different types of energy for healing purposes.

Astral energy really stood out when it came to healing. The results were much more profound and long-lasting. I could sense on a subtle level that the healing effects were penetrating more deeply than any other type of energy, almost as though it was getting to the root of the issue.

I also could feel that astral energy had an intelligence of its own and it was more easily controlled and directed. For all these reasons, I began exclusively working with astral energy and honing my skills more and more.

Initially I began working with it in my own personal life and also with close friends and family. Later, once my methodology was more crystallized, I began introducing the use of astral energy in some of our courses and retreats and I also witnessed students experiencing deep healing as a result of incorporating astral energy into various practices.

When the pandemic hit and the world was faced with isolation and lockdowns, I knew it was time to share and teach this healing method since it can be done remotely and at a distance.

I developed a curriculum that was very understandable and accessible to everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners. The key was to ensure that the techniques and technologies that were taught could be easily grasped and also produce reliable results. It had to be a science. And so, Distance Astral Energy Healing was born. Astral Energy Healing is a part of our Tantric Remote Energy Healing teachings.


Remote Tantra: A Solution for Modern Times


How does Distance Astral Energy Healing compare to other energy healing modalities?

In my humble opinion, there really is no comparison.

Astral Energy Healing uses a superior form of energy, employs precise control over that energy, and applies the mind and mental faculties for exceptional and remarkable healing results.

It is done in an engineering type of way and the practitioner has knowledge regarding the seven chakras of the human being, the five bodies of man, the mechanisms of disease and healing according to tantric principles, and how to transmit energy through space and time powerfully.

As discussed earlier, astral energy also vibrates at a higher frequency than other types of energy. It works from a higher level of consciousness and can therefore reach the higher bodies of a human being.

On the other hand, other energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Healing and Pranic Healing are utilizing less refined, vague, and unreliable sources of energy such as bio-energy and pranic energy. Bio-energy isn’t always predictable, nor is it easily controlled or directed. It also cannot be driven as deep into the aura as astral energy due to its lower, heavier, and denser frequency and vibration.

Energy healing methods that use lower forms of energy have a more limited reach. They will only be able to touch the first and possibly the second bodies.

Additionally, the methodology for transmittance and delivery is more basic and elementary. Generally, practitioners are not able to discern exactly the type of energy they are harnessing and tend to rely on feelings and hunches as opposed to energy sensing and mastery.

This is not to disregard these other methods of energy healing. They can still offer some degree and level of healing, no doubt. The point of this article though is to highlight astral energy as a more sophisticated option.

Healing in the astral realm

Distance Astral Energy Healing takes place in the astral realm. This is the third level of the universe.

The astral realm has fewer limitations than physical reality and even the etheric realm. It is the realm of dreams and somewhere we visit every night when we sleep.

Through Tantra and modern technology we can send healing energy to others living thousands of miles away.

Think about all the amazing things you can do in your dreams. You can fly, run as fast as a jet plane, make yourself invisible, and so on. Magic happens in dreams and in the astral world.

It is for this reason the astral realm is the ideal realm to do Distance Astral Energy Healing. It is an elastic realm where the laws of space, time, and distance no longer apply.

If a skilled healer is involved, astral energy sent in the astral realm is extraordinarily powerful. It can touch the deepest aspects of your being, automatically go to the source of your pain or disease and heal faster than any in-person healing you have ever experienced.

Astral Energy Healing surpasses the physical body, the limitations of this physical realm, and the superficial manifestations of disease. It touches the deeper layers of your being where disease and dysfunction begin.


Effects of Distance Astral Energy Healing

The effects of Distance Astral Energy Healing are many.

In my experience, astral energy has an innate intelligence built into it. It goes exactly where it is needed and provides healing that is unique to each person.

Distance Astral Energy Healing can bring some amazing benefits to your life and health, including:

  • Healing trauma
  • Alleviating negative emotions
  • Resolving heartache and heartbreak
  • Naturally healing disease and/or pain
  • Harmonizing your being and bringing about internal peace
  • Healing the higher bodies because it is a higher and more refined form of energy
  • Remodeling and reconstructing the mind, body, and spirit in a gentle and subtle way
  • Removing energetic blockages and disturbances from all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, sexual, mental, and spiritual 

This is a very short list of all that Distance Astral Energy Healing can do, but these are the most common effects I see.

You can become a Distance Astral Energy Healer yourself

If this article has intrigued you and you are interested in becoming a Distance Astral Energy Healer yourself, I commend you. This is a rare healing modality and very few know about it.

Anyone can become a therapist in Distance Astral Energy Healing given the right knowledge, tools, and techniques. And that is exactly what our Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist Training gives you. Check out our latest graduates of this certification program. 


Remote Tantra - become a distance energy healer in your personal or professional life
Meet our latest graduates of our online Tantra Massage and Astral Healing Therapist Training. You too can become a distance energy healer and earn a professional certificate!

This is an 12-day intensive course that is taught 100% online. Upon completion of this training and a successful passing of the final exam, you will earn a professional certificate and can begin an exciting and rewarding career as a Tantric Remote Energy Healer.

I designed this training so that first and foremost you experience a profound healing yourself and undergo a shift in consciousness and energetic maturity. This is paramount if you want to be a skilled and effective healer yourself.

In addition to this element of personal development, you will also learn the following practical knowledge that will provide you with a solid base and foundation as a therapist: 

  • Techniques for superior energy transmission
  • Understanding healing and the root cause of disease
  • Several healing protocols that can be applied in client sessions
  • How to interact with the astral body of another person for healing
  • The laws and rules that govern the astral realm and astral energy
  • The first steps in controlling and mastering energy in yourself and in others
  • The various levels of the universe and the different types of energy available to you
  • The role of the mind in Tantric Remote Energy Healing and how to improve your mental faculties
  • A thorough spiritual practice that will help you to continually develop your own energy awareness and sensitivity 

Of course, there is a lot more you will learn but this is a list of some of the most important takeaways.


Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist Training

Part of Tantra Sexuality Module


Do you want to experience a Distance Astral Energy Healing session?

After reading about Distance Astral Energy Healing people are oftentimes intrigued and curious to experience a session themselves. More than 100 graduates have successfully completed our Tantric Remote Energy Healing Therapist Training. Many are full-time healers and offer remote sessions.

To find a certified therapist, join our private Facebook group and make a post about your interest to have a healing session. Several therapists will more than likely reach out to you and you can choose the best candidate for you.

Distance Astral Energy Healing: The future of healing

We cannot deny virtual wellbeing services are on the rise. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is to be prepared.

We have been faced with not being able to connect or see our loved ones face-to-face, being banned from hospitals and assisted living facilities, and having to isolate ourselves from society.

This has brought about a collateral pandemic of people dying alone without the support of loved ones, an increase in depression and suicide, hysteria, and fear as well as loneliness and seclusion. If things persist in this fashion, the future looks bleak.

But it doesn’t have to. Distance Astral Energy Healing is the answer.

Imagine if you could send healing energy remotely to your grandma who was passing away by herself in a retirement facility? 

Or you could support your brother who lived in another country to recover or heal from Covid all through your laptop? 

Perhaps you could save the life of a dear friend or relative who was on the brink of suicide by supporting them from afar with astral energy and easing their fear and anxiety.

These are just a few of the reasons why I consider Distance Astral Energy Healing so relevant and necessary today. It really has no limits or bounds and can bypass space, time, and distance!



Founder and Head Teacher

Spiritual yogi, lecturer, teacher and author, Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School.

Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru

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Earn your Energy Healing Certification in this 12-day training. It is especially designed for those who wish to take their distance healing skills to the next level and/or become a professional therapist. You will learn more advanced healing protocols, understand vital tantric principles for healing others and have extensive virtual practice and healing sessions with your peers during this online intensive.
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