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meditation teacher training

Our Meditation Teacher Training Course is designed first and foremost for the spiritually oriented student who is keen to uncover the mysteries of his or her own mind.

The course provides an extraordinary opportunity to discover the hidden potential of rare meditation techniques whose origins date back thousands of years and are derived from ancient and verified traditions such as Kashmiri Shaivism, Raja Yoga, and Tantra.

This course is personally crafted by our school’s founder, Somananda. His spiritual achievements are a testament to the successes our Meditation TTC can bring to every student.


This is a 200-hour training course conducted over 4 weeks.


Anyone with passion towards the mysteries of the mind can join.

Curriculum of study

Our transformative Meditation TTC consists of three essential parts, each one representing a fundamental aspect of a skilled and qualified meditation teacher.

All parts will be taught simultaneously, however, the first weeks will be dedicated predominantly to part 1 and 2 of the curriculum.

Practicum sessions are held on week four and five where all participants will give lectures and lead practical meditation sessions for their peers and supervising teachers. Each practicum is followed by feedback on your performance and areas for improvement.

The Meditation TTC will open with 10-day silent Trika Meditation Retreat and will conclude with a final exam, graduation ceremony and empowerment meditation.

What you can teach

After graduating from this Meditation TTC, you will be certified to teach meditation classes from 1 to 2 hours in duration and lead meditation retreats or workshops of up to five days in duration. Prototypical schedules will be provided for you during the course.

Your toolkit as a teacher

  • Six (6) powerful meditation techniques from Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism and Raja Yoga with the ability to give lectures on each
  • Five (5) longer lectures on the foundations of meditation
  • Sun Salutations practice for purification and energy balancing
  • Knowledge on how to structure your own spiritual retreats

Becoming a meditation teacher will have a great spiritual impact on your own life, with the potential to transform you both personally and professionally.

You will be prepared to not only lead a meditation course that results in the verifiable spiritual advancement of your students but you will be backed by the empowerment of a master and a spiritual lineage.

Dates and tickets

This course is not scheduled at the moment. Join our newsletter and be the first to know when it will be offered again.

Hear it from our students


Do I need to be practicing meditation to enroll in this course?

No, this is not a prerequisite for joining our Meditation TTC. Our unique curriculum caters to all levels of students and in fact will help you to develop an authentic spiritual practice of your own if this is not an established part of your life already.

Is it really possible to learn meditation well enough in one month to teach it?

Yes. This Meditation TTC will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to teach authentic meditation to others and it will set you off in the right direction. Your own meditation skill will, of course, continue to improve over time as you continue with your personal practice.

Will I become self-realized or enlightened as a result of the MTTC?

Self-realization is an achievable phenomenon granted by the law of Grace and Karma. It normally takes several years of diligent and dedicated practice and cannot be attained overnight.

If self-realization is your goal, then this course is an excellent impetus for propelling you forward in your spiritual evolution, and it ensures that you follow an authentic path backed by science, tradition, and lineage.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the MTTC?

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam you will be granted a Meditation Teacher’s Certificate by the Somananda Tantra School.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

If you do not pass the final exam of the Meditation TTC you may retake the exam at a later date, dependent upon the availability of our head teachers. Until the successful completions of the exams the certificate will not be issued.

What should I bring with me to this course?

There are indeed some items you need to with you to the MTTC. Our team will send you the exact list a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of the course.

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