Tantra Massage Online Course


This online course takes you into the magical study of energy and bliss – two powerful forces in tantric study.

Our Tantra massage is the energetic and healing bodywork that will take you to the next dimension of your sexuality and spirituality.

You will experience a program of sacred practice of energy work and realizations that touch you at the level of the soul – the very place where your sexual expression dwells. You will gain an easy-to-follow methodology, clear guidance and personal instruction. Read more


5-day online course

Who can join:

Singles and couples are welcome

The lover in you will learn how to induce healing and pleasure through tantric massage, as well as how to surrender to powerful orgasmic and blissful states. Meanwhile, the healer in you will be inspired by demonstrations of the alchemical nature of energetic touch.

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Teachings and practices in this workshop

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Does this course involve nudity?

Yes, this course includes elements of nudity. Tantra Massage is a hands-on massage practice which involves the use of massage oil. Therefore, this workshop includes partial nudity for the purpose of the massage and practicing the learned techniques.

Demonstrations will be done by our teachers live on camera using models, props or pre-recorded video material. After the demonstration, participants will begin practicing the learned techniques with their partner. Every participant will have a chance to both give and receive all the techniques.

Practice massage sessions must be done in front of your camera so that our teachers can guide you and ensure you are properly executing the massage techniques. This way the teachers will also be able to recognize early signs of blockage releasing and purification effects and can support you from afar.

Having said this, measures for respecting everyone’s privacy will be taken and explained in detail at the beginning of the course.

Is this course open to singles and couples

Yes, this course is open to both singles and couples. 

As a single, you will receive all of the theoretical teachings and be able to observe the live demonstrations by our teachers as well as the group practice massage sessions. Since you do not have a partner, you will not be able to practice the massage techniques during the course itself. However, you will be able to observe and take extensive notes so that you will be well prepared to practice on a partner in the future, whenever that might be. 

As a couple, you will receive all of the theoretical teachings, observe the live demonstrations by our teachers and be able to practice the learned techniques on your partner during the course itself during the practice massage sessions. Both partners will have the opportunity to give and receive the massage techniques. 

​​Is a massage table required for this course?

No, we practice Tantra Massage on the floor. A list of needed items for creating a comfortable and cozy massage space will be sent to you in due time before the course begins.

If you have physical limitations that prevent you from working on the floor then a massage table can be used.

A note about privacy and having a quiet space

Tantra Massage can be a highly spiritual experience and extremely transformative assuming the right conditions are met.

It is important that if you decide to join this course that you have a quiet space to participate from – one which is free from noises, distractions and disturbances.

If the receiver is not able to relax and enter into a calm and detached state of mind, the healing effects of this practice will be hindered. This is why a serene atmosphere is a must and should cultivate a sense of safety, trust and security. Only here can a person truly let go and surrender to this deep soul work.

What items or supplies do I need to join this course?

You will need to obtain some specific supplies and items in order to join this course such as massage oil, yoga mats, sarongs and blankets. The exact list will be sent to all registered participants 1-2 weeks prior to the course start date.

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