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Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

Sex and spirituality really aren’t that different. They appear to be paradoxical concepts but according to Tantra this is simply not true. There is an unconscious aspect of ourselves that knows intuitively that there is something beyond what we have been told about sex and our sexual energy. But what is it exactly?

Myth: tantra is sex

Widespread ‘neo-Tantra’ adaptations, which are often focused only on partial and superficial knowledge about sexual energy, compromise the original teachings a lot.

It is important to understand firstly that tantra is not sex. In fact, sexuality is one small piece of a very vast system of knowledge. Defined most simplistically, Tantra is the study of energy. It is also a whole and complete spiritual system that answers life’s greatest mysteries, while at the same time granting the practical tools and techniques to develop our inner world, live a happy and harmonious life, and bring us closer to the secret forces of nature that rule our reality. This is of course if authentic techniques are involved.

This all-encompassing practice has the potential to help us become the masters of our own destiny and unequivocally understand our purpose as human beings. The system would be incomplete if there were no teachings related to our sexuality – due to the mere fact that we emanate from sex and sex is a very big part of our lives. But more so, sex and our sexual energy contain a mystical significance that many are not privy to.

Curious? Read on to uncover the ancient mysteries regarding sex and spirituality.


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Our reality is governed by energy

The whole universe is made of energy and if we learn how to harness it properly we can ultimately achieve spiritual awakening.

Tantrics discovered millenia ago that our reality is derived of and created by many different forms and types of energy. In essence, energy rules and governs our universe, and therefore our lives. If you are unconscious to these universal forces then you are by definition a slave to these currents and waves of energy, and a victim of chance and happenstance.

The great master tantrics refused to live their lives in such a way. They knew that these various forms of energy all contain an infinite amount of potential. If you could unlock this potential then you have access to a very powerful force and impetus for spiritual gain and spiritual good.

Therefore, they studied energy extensively and were able to decode the rules and laws that govern it. They became masters of energy and consequently masters of their lives.

So what does all this have to do with sex?

The sexual energy is simply another form of energy – an extremely dynamic, healing and lifegiving form of energy – that rivals that of uranium in a nuclear reactor.

Tantrics recognized this and the sexual energy became another universal force they not only studied but learned to control. Not because they were obsessed with sex, but because they were obsessed with enlightenment. Ultimately, tantrics discovered the sexual energy is backed by an incredible force that can propel a person to unimaginable spiritual heights, when harnessed correctly, and thus the link between sex and spirituality was made.

When a man and woman unite and orgasm is reached, it provides a very brief glimpse into the divine, our true nature and our infinite self. It is a transitory moment of enlightenment.

This is such a crucial moment and yet so fleeting for most that its potential and impact are null. There must be a way to prolong and extend the orgasmic experience so that this frivolous peek into the divine can become an earnest conversation with God. And thus tantric sex was born.

You too can become a true tantric man and woman through clear techniques and guidance and practical knowledge. Then and only then can sex and spirituality truly become one.

Sex meets spirituality

Somananda leading a heart opening tantric ritual at a retreat in Germany, 2018.

Tantric sex is one of the tantric paths towards spiritual illumination. In the ancient times of India, tantric masters and enlightened gurus used sexuality for sincere spiritual purposes. By utilizing the sexual energy in a specific way they were able to generate an elongated orgasmic state and thereby an enlightened state, while riding continuous waves of bliss and ecstasy. They used this energetic force, known as the sexual energy, found in the manifested world to reach unmanifested spiritual dimensions that most only dream about.

Luckily, these sacred practices are not reserved to the spiritual elite only.


tantric sex

4 Essentials of Tantric Sex Teachings

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

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