Tantra Is Not Sex!

18 February Feb 2019
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

Have you heard that Tantra teaches exciting ways to have sex? That you can revitalize your relationship with it and have many cool experiences?

Tantra is not sex and yet this is commonly believed to be the essence of all tantric teachings. Well, how did such a global spiritual system get diminished to a fragment? And if Tantra is not just sex then what is it, really?

Pleasure seeking thrives

The truth is we are living in unprecedented times where sex sells and pleasure seekers reign. Sexuality is increasingly seeping into our everyday communication life through online and offline media. As with everything, that attains massive popularity, it comes down to one thing – demand.

Tantra using our sexual energy for evolution in Tantra
Our sexuality and sexual energy are a gateway to our spirituality and innate divine nature.

In the same way as advertising giants respond to trends by giving the people more of what they want, many contemporary sexuality and/or Tantra teachers are capitalizing on our sex-obsessed natures and appealing to our desires.

There is no blame or shame in this realization that sexuality is a massive part of our lives and consciousness – especially when we understand that our sexual energy is backed by a powerful driving force.


sexual energy - awakening the inner muse

Sexual Energy – Awakening Your Inner Muse


An unconscious aspect of ourselves knows intuitively that there is something beyond what we have been told about sexuality and our sexual energy. Our sex obsessed ways are simply a deeper calling to connect with a higher aspect of ourselves and to quench a profound thirst for what is actually the knowledge of the Self, and true Tantra can take you there!

Tantra can be defined as a spiritual science for self-inquiry and evolution.

True Tantra unveiled

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit language and surprisingly it does not mean sex. It means “warp” (like on a loom), or “extension”. It proceeds from the verbal roots tan– “to stretch, to expound”, and tra– “to save”, which further hints to its true nature, and extraordinary potential. Somananda says Tantra equals “web” or “network”, symbolically representing that everyone and everything is interconnected.

Tantra means web, network or matrix
Somananda says Tantra equals “web” or “network”, symbolically representing that everyone and everything is interconnected.

Beyond the etymology, Tantra can be defined as a spiritual science for self-inquiry and evolution. In its most advanced form it is a path for salvation, emancipation and liberation, saving a human being from the clutches of karma, reincarnation and the illusory Maya or matrix.

But do not be afraid of this grandiose esoteric definition of Tantra. This great spiritual system is also, at its core, the study of energy and is eminently practical to all contemporary people. It answers life’s greatest mysteries, while at the same time granting useful tools and techniques to develop our inner world, live a happy and harmonious life, and bring us closer to the occult nature that rules our reality. Tantra can transform a practitioner into kind of a super-man, who not only has freed himself of the Universe – and therefore karma and suffering – but is able to rule over it and control its secret forces.


Learn more about true Tantra in this comprehensive guide for beginner's

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Is a piece of cake the whole cake?

A simple way to understand the global system of Tantra is to visualize a pie divided into various pieces or branches. Each part is a vital component of the greater whole and highly interwoven, interdependent and interconnected. The whole system becomes whole in nature only because of its collective and individual parts.

Tantra is like a pie with many slices and various tantric branches
The system of Tantra can be equated to a pie with many pieces or slices. A single slice of a pie does not equate to the whole pie itself. In the same way, sexuality alone does not equate to the whole system of Tantra.

If a single piece of pie was extracted from the whole pie and presented as the whole pie, it would be a fallacy. In the same way if a single brick was taken from a house and defined as the whole house it would be a misrepresentation. And yet, this is exactly what has happened to Tantra in modern times! Over the years this whole and complete spiritual system has been diluted to a single part – sex.

While sexuality does represent a branch, or a piece of the pie, in Tantra, it comprises only 5-10% of all the tantric knowledge and teachings. Tantra can offer SO MUCH MORE. Read below and discover all of its enchanting and mystical branches!

The 8 branches of Tantra

You may be wondering why so many branches? It seems so complex. In actuality the various branches of Tantra are what make this system so diverse and yet universal at the same time. Not only do the branches within the Tantra network appeal to the assorted individual temperaments and spiritual impulses, but, when applied synergistically, they cultivate a global, harmonious and powerful human being.

#1 Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a physical practice with an energetic emphasis. This unique methodology of Yoga differs from all other Yoga systems out there today. In most modern Yoga practices Yoga is tool to reshape and stretch the physical body. In Tantra Yoga the body is the tool to achieve Yoga.

Tantra Student's perform bhujangasana in guided tantra yoga class
Here, student’s are performing bhujangasana, the cobra pose, in which they concentrate to receive and emit energy at the level of the heart chakra.

You see, the physical body is something most people can connect with. It is something that is perceivable and tangible. Tantra Yoga therefore uses the physical body as a means to reconnect a practitioner with more subtle and intangible forms of energy and aspects of themselves. As a result a person begins to recognize themselves as something beyond physical, but in fact an energetic and spiritual being with meaning and purpose.

Moreover, Tantra Yoga is a practice that can bring about exceptional health and healing, purify the physical body, overhaul the emotional framework, develop desirable attributes such as willpower and unconditional love, plus much more. This is by far the most dynamic and authentic Yoga you will ever encounter.

#2 Tantric meditation

Tantra tantric meditation student's meditating meditation retreat
Tantric meditation is different from ordinary types of meditation in that it utilizes powerful forms of energy.

This sophisticated form of energy-based meditation utilizes different aspects and formats of energy such as sounds, colors, mantras, yantras, vibrations, visualizations to elevate and evolve a practitioner’s level of consciousness. While there are many different types of meditation out there, Tantric Meditation is by far the fastest and most direct path to mind development and soul evolution.

Serious practitioners can experience expansion of the mind, extraordinary focus and clarity is gained, superhuman and paranormal abilities can be developed, a gateway to tap into universal consciousness and intelligence is created and you eventually become the master of your mind.

#3 Pranayama

Tantra pranayama essential technique in Tantra
Pranayama is an essential component of Tantra. It is one of the main branches.

Likened to breathing gymnastics and hyperventilation techniques nowadays, pranayama, in actual fact, is the controlling of the prana, or life force energy – this is what makes it into a tantric practice. This energy is slighter and subtler than the air we breathe and it exists in us and all around us. By learning to control the prana within oneself you can learn to control the universal prana – the prana that exists in the world around us.

Pranayama brings us closer to our ethereal nature where we can begin to feel energy moving through the subtle channels within our being, sense and control the chakras to a high level, bypass normal physical limitations that time, space and gravity impose upon us and heal the body to a miraculous degree. Pranayama commissions us to become masters of ourselves and the universe.

#4 Kundalini Yoga

Tantra Kundalini Yoga branch of Tantra
Many people do not realize that Kundalini Yoga stems from Tantra. Tantra provides advanced techniques for awakening and moving Kundalini Shakti.

When we speak of Kundalini Yoga, then we do not mean the prevalent Kundalini Yoga of today but an esoteric branch of Tantra whereby advanced techniques are only shared with initiates. 

Kundalini is a cosmic energy with great potential, which is located at the base of the spine of all human beings. When this energy is properly awakened the aim is to gradually move it up the spine and eventually bring it to its culmination point at the crown of the head. A person that achieves a genuine kundalini rising can experience a vast remodeling on every aspect of their being and are on the road to becoming a great spiritual master.


kundalini yoga

When Are You Ready to Practice Kundalini Yoga?


#5 Tantra of relationships

Tantra couple's love relationships tantra of relationships
Tantra can help couples transform their relationship into a spiritual partnership.

A tantric relationship represents a powerful union which can accelerate the spiritual evolution of both partners. When properly understood it can lead to incredible transformation of the couple and eventually deepen the relationship between the individual and the Divine.

Tantric relationships teach True Love and how to cultivate it in yourself and within a partnership. This can lead to powerful openings of the heart and very deep intimacy at the level of your soul.


Tantra is a very rich and diverse platform that presents us with a rare and unique opportunity to embark on an exciting and comprehensive path for self-development and spiritual evolution.

#6 Tantric sexuality

One of the most powerful known universal energies is the sexual energy – an elemental force that is present in all living matter and human beings. The sexual energy can create life, as we know, and therefore its potential is monumental.

Tantra tantric sexuality lovemaking orgasmic bliss orgasms
Tantric sex is a sophisticated form of love making that couples can learn to amplify their pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Ancient tantrics recognized this and discovered if the sexual energy is harnessed in a specific way it can be used to access spectacular types of orgasm and forms of pleasure. Through its practice we can become hyper aware and hypersensitive to touch, the breath, the presence of energy, vibrations, and subtle nuances in the emotional state of our partner. There is complete presence and sexuality transforms into an experience of totality. Blissful states can be reached and a tantric wave of continuous super-sensory, magical, spiritual ecstasy achieved, which ultimately transforms our whole being and view of reality. Tantric sex gives rise to more profound intimacy and connections with ourselves and others. This is how far it can go.

Spiritually speaking tantric sex is one of the many legitimate paths to reach divinity. This exclusive form of sexuality renders our normal carnal sexual urges and desires that define our sexuality today meaningless and replaces it with an intoxicating love and craving for the ultimate truth.

#7 Tantra massage

Tantra Massage is first and foremost a spiritual and healing approach to massage, utilizing an energetically based, hands-on approach to bodywork. It is not apart of the original tantric texts or teachings and yet this renowned form of healing therapy provides a necessary bridge for modern people and the higher tantric teachings.

Tantra Liisa providing a Tantra Massage demonstration
Our head teacher, Liisa Maimon, is providing a Tantra Massage demonstration to a group of students in Brazil.

This wondrous and inspiring practice can bring about extraordinary health and healing, eliminate blockages that prevent a person from living their best life and experiencing deep sexual satisfaction, unlock the true sexual potential, re-sensitize key pleasure areas, be a great stepping stone to tantric sex and extraordinary orgasmic experiences, reset the emotions, purify the mind and awaken the spirit.

With Tantra Massage you can experience remarkable internal and external transformation, a soul-opening level of bliss, a deep internal blossoming, and a reshaping of your life physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.



#8 Kashmiri Shaivism

Tantra Kashmiri Shaivism one of the tantric branches Shiva
Shaivism is one of the major traditions within Hinduism that reveres Shiva as the Supreme Being.

Kashmiri Shaivism represents the most esoteric and exclusive knowledge in Tantra. Masters of this great spiritual path developed high metaphysical teachings reflecting a profound understanding of reality and the universe. Studying and practicing this secret tantric science creates a strong field of spiritual resonance with the crown chakra, the seat of lucidity, detachment, and transcendent higher consciousness and is a catalyst for profound transformation.

Go deeper

As you can see, Tantra is a very rich and diverse platform that presents us with a rare and unique opportunity to embark on an exciting and comprehensive path for self-development and spiritual evolution. These different branches of Tantra that have been outlined in this article are meant to appeal to the distinct temperaments, personalities and proclivities of all spiritual aspirants. You can choose the path and level of achievement that is most suitable to you!

Aren’t you glad Tantra isn’t just about sex??

Tantra climb the ladder of evolution and self-realization
Tantra is a very rich and comprehensive path for climbing the evolutionary ladder.

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

Enter the authentic gates of Tantra

Taste of Tantra
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Taste of Tantra


This is powerful introduction to all of Tantra! You will study various tantric branches like sexuality, yoga, meditation and Tantra massage, and gain a clear overview of what true Tantra can do for you.
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