Tantric Meditation: Powerful and Effective

3 December Dec 2017
tantric meditation powerful and effective
Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru
Founder and Head Teacher

For many reasons, Tantra is the most complete spiritual system for our modern times and for modern people. 

It is both eminently practical – solving daily-life issues that plague us, such as emotional imbalance, stress overload, and low energy – but it also answers life’s greatest mysteries and can take us from A-Z spiritually in planes of personal expansion.

Tantra provides the mind, which is at the core of both practical and spiritual concerns, with myriad tools for self-discovery that helps us to remain buoyant upon the waves of life as well as to achieve our intended purpose as human beings.

A meditation rooted in energy

Tantric meditation is a fundamental component of the larger Tantra system. Because Tantra is the science and study of energy, tantric meditation is 100 percent energetically based. This is a new concept for people familiar with meditation styles that are supposed to represent merely empty thoughts. 


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In order to produce effects within the human structure, tantric meditation uses different aspects and formats of energy such as sounds, colors, mantras, yantras, vibrations, visualizations, and the power of kundalini. Each type of energy cultivates a resonance within us that can produce its own different and potent results, but all of them are simply diverse pathways to the same top of the mountain.

Which top of the mountain are we speaking about? The pinnacle of human existence – AKA enlightenment.

We have the ability to raise our level of consciousness and evolve our soul through authentic spiritual practice. This ultimately brings us to the top of the spiritual mountain and is our only true purpose as a human being. 

Energy is rocket fuel

tantric meditation - energy is a key component of tantric meditation
Tantric meditation differs from ordinary meditation in that it utilizes specific forms of energy to bring about elevated states of mind.

Energy, the building block of the universe, is limitless in nature.

When harnessed and used according to defined tantric laws and principles, it can act as rocket fuel, propelling a person exponentially forward spiritually.

For the true spiritual aspirant, tantric meditation represents the “fast track” in evolution. Not only is it backed by a powerful universal force but it is systematic and precise in nature, providing results which can be predicted and replicated, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of ambiguity that plague many of today’s so-called meditation practices.


Yoga IS meditation and meditation IS Yoga!

Practically speaking

This ancient practice is exemplified in a variety of techniques. The more commonly known ones include a tantric form of Vipassana, the utilization of mantras, meditation on yantras and mandalas, arousal of the chakras in a specific manner, proper channeling of kundalini energy, as well as using designated music in a deliberate way. Laya Yoga is a more obscure form of tantric meditation, and perhaps one of the most powerful.

tantric meditation - Liisa receives an initiation from her teacher, Somananda
In a sacred tantric ceremony Liisa receives an initiation from her guru and partner, Somananda.

According to ancient tantric traditions it is crucial that such techniques are shared with a student by a sanctioned teacher through a sacred rite called initiation.

Initiation enlivens the technique with the power and influence of the lineage and, through diligent practice on the student’s part, it can blossom beyond just a seed of knowledge. It can become a viable tool and a bridge to spiritual maturation.

Therefore, a teacher imparts not only a teaching, but also a force known as virya in Sanskrit. This is an impulse of power that renders a dry teaching a live and potent teaching which unleashes the energetic potential.


tantric meditation

Tantric Meditation vs Pop Culture Meditation


Benefits and effects

As mentioned tantric meditation is a form of meditation that uses energy for the purpose of transformation.

Because energy is at its core, the depth of its reach is quite significant and it has the ability to touch a person on all levels and aspects of the being. Here are a few benefits and effects a practitioner may experience, from the most gross to the most subtle:

  1. tantric meditation - Liisa guides a group of student's in a tantric meditation practice
    Advanced teacher, Liisa Maimon, guides students through a powerful group meditation.

    Physical: Reduced blood pressure, reaching parasympathetic states, a remodeling of the nervous system, heightened immunity, improved health and well-being

  2. Energetic: Reactivation of vital energy centers, purification of energy channels, increased awareness of subtle energies, development of energetic intelligence and how to use energy at will for a desired purpose or outcome
  3. Emotional: Balance and stability in emotional states, control of thoughts and feelings, increased emotional maturity
  4. Mental: Development of higher mental functions, greater mental capacity, improved memory, enhanced concentration and focus, attainment of paranormal powers in some cases
  5. Spiritual: Panoramic observation and introspection of self, realization of the inner atman, higher states of consciousness, enlightenment

The results of tantric meditation are inevitable but undefinable. They depend entirely on the individual practitioner and a number of spiritual factors such as karma, level of purity, blockages, degree of aspiration, and divine grace.

tantric meditation - patience is key in meditation
Monks may study and practice for many years before realizing any tangible spiritual results. Patience and humbleness is necessary.

There exists a famous tale in the Buddhist tradition about a monk who was diligent and devout in his spiritual practice and meditation. He practiced for many years with very little evidence of gains or development. One day while preparing lunch for his fellow monastic brothers he was cutting fish and experienced a sudden state of enlightenment. Stories such as these implore us to regularly flex our patience and faith muscles when pursuing an authentic path, surrendering our destiny to divine benevolence and timing.


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In sum

tantric meditation - Somananda lecturing to student's about key principles of the mind and meditation
No other practice compares to tantric meditation in terms of power, potency, and effectiveness, Somananda explains.

According to many ancient texts and spiritual masters who have realized the pinnacle of spiritual achievement through tantric meditation, no other practice compares in terms of power, potency, and effectiveness. It is without peer for these reasons:

  • The effects are tangible and perceivable, not vague
  • It represents an accelerated path for spiritual evolution
  • The energetic effects are cumulative and permanent
  • The techniques are versatile
  • It is scientifically engineered and clearly defined
  • It is sourced from a lineage with a documented heritage
  • It works with energy which brings stronger and faster results
  • Results are proven, verified, and reproducible

If you are spiritually oriented and keen to uncover the mysteries of your own mind, tantric meditation provides essential and practical knowledge for doing so, in an unprecedented and extraordinary way.


Founder and Head Teacher

Spiritual yogi, lecturer, teacher and author, Somananda is the founder and head teacher of Somananda Tantra School.

Shaktipat Meditation Retreat - Somananda, the school's founder and guru

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