Tantric Massage – Woman’s True Liberation?

10 January Jan 2016
tantric massage - a woman's true liberation
Liisa Maimon
Founder and Senior Teacher

Tantra is an ancient science of energy involving a holographic correspondence among all aspects of our Universe. Many centuries ago, ancient tantric masters using advanced forms of meditation and energy control discovered how to channel and move energy on all levels. While most of today’s tantric practitioners no longer live on mountaintops, they continue to make use of energy to powerfully navigate daily life as well as great spiritual heights.

Using energy to reach enormous personal potential

tantric massage - harnesses the sexual energy and uses it for healing
Tantrics realized the sexual energy has one unique trait that no universal other energy possesses…it can create life!

One of the most fundamental forms of energy accessed by tantrics is the sexual energy, which has the potential to create life and, therefore, to unlock our innermost powers.

The use of sexual energy in Tantra leads to many achievements, among which you may find the possibility to completely transform your sexual abilities and orgasmic potential.

Unfortunately, in modern times, Tantra has been largely misunderstood. Some consider it an approach that is only sex-based and all about sensual indulgence, kinky sexual positions, a means of invigorating a dried-up sex life in couples who feel their relationship is heading downhill, or even a type of sex cult.

However, while Tantra is a sensual art that can dramatically improve relationships, it is far more than that. It includes beneficial and spiritual teachings on meditation, vibrations, mantras, visualization, healing, Hatha (Tantra) Yoga, and much more.



Tantra Is Not Sex!


The Tantric Massage have proven beyond any doubt that it represents a path that can liberate women and bring them to a “promised land” in their sexual lives.

A rare opportunity to reach deep fulfillment

As Tantra enfolds and teaches the ways of the sexual energy, it presents an incredible and unique opportunity for women – in fact, this is one of its special gifts.

Modern sexology acknowledges that many women struggle with their sex lives, often in non-orgasmic, unfulfilling relationships. As a result of poor education, both men and women approach sex in the wrong way, which frequently leads to disappointment and sexual frustration, especially for women.

tantric massage - many women struggle to reach a state of orgasm
In modern times a large percentage of women struggle to reach orgasmic states and are often sexually unfulfilled.

Through the tantric sexual teachings, women discover that sex can be done differently and in a way that can bring massive and positive changes. If modern sexology tells us that only 80 percent of women worldwide manage to reach orgasm, Tantra shows us that 100 percent are capable.

While most of the 80 percent who do reach orgasm achieve only the famous clitoral orgasm, Tantra shows us that there are not one but seven different types of orgasms a woman can reach! The clitoral orgasm is actually the first and weakest of them all….

In tantric courses a woman can learn to access all of her orgasmic potential and achieve whole body orgasm, but for such success, it is necessary to remove any sexual blockages which, unfortunately, most people have. These blockages are sometimes physical, energetic, or emotional, but in many cases they are psychosomatic and related to past traumas.


The Full Body Energy Orgasm is not a myth!

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Breaking through the barriers with Tantric massage

This brings us to the subject of Tantric Massage.

Since in ancient tantric times, massage was not part of the traditional tantric teachings, modern tantric teachers – aware of the blockages afflicting the men and women of today– developed the remarkable tantric approach to massage.

tantric massage - Liisa provides a live demonstration of Tantra Massage to students
Here, advanced teacher, Liisa Maimon, performs a Tantra Massage demonstration for students in Brazil.

Tantric Massage is an amazing way to remove the aforementioned blockages, which are released gently but powerfully through the use of specially directed, energetic touch, and to teach women to become aware of, move, and control their sexual energy within both her body and her partner’s. Women become multi-orgasmic (as do their men) and begin to access the full range of their orgasmic potential. After their introduction to Tantric Massage, many women report experiencing such soul-opening bliss and feminine blossoming that their sex lives transform wildly for the better.


tantra massage course

Tantra Massage Therapist Training

Part of Tantra Sexuality Module


Of the seven tantric orgasms, the G-spot and cervico-uterine orgasms are the most renowned and powerful. These orgasms can bring a woman to feel pleasure of a special kind, massive sensations throughout the whole body, the orgasm reverberating all the way to her heart and even bringing her to natural states of meditation and rising kundalini. It is a gift that can transform her sex life – and, in fact, her spiritual life – forever.

Embrace the freedom to experience the full potential of pleasure…

In Tantric Massage a woman can learn to activate her G-spot by herself and/or with a man, and to experience the cervico-uterine orgasm as well. A woman learns to increase her levels of pleasure with each massage practice and even to reach various forms of healing effects on the physical and emotional planes.

tantric massage - controlling energy is key
In Tantra Massage student’s learn how to see, feel, guide and control energy in themselves and others.

When most women yearn to love and be loved, to become sexually free and in charge of their own lives, they deeply desire the freedom that the Tantric Massage teachings bring: the awareness of one’s own body and its full sexual potential. Never again will you be left disappointed by sex or feeling numb and unresponsive to sexual stimulation. Even frigidity can be cured in record time while sensuality becomes manifested maximally.

Indeed, our many years both practicing and teaching Tantric Massage have proven beyond any doubt that it represents a path that can liberate women and bring them to a “promised land” in their sexual lives. Dare to experience for yourself your own new sexual horizons, which previously existed only in dreams!

Liisa Maimon

Founder and Senior Teacher

An inspiring tantric yogini, Liisa is a strong driving force of the school – both as a senior teacher and general manager.

Become a liberated woman!

tantra massage course
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Tantra Massage Therapist Training

Learn the steps for mastering energy

This 11-day retreat is our master course for Tantra Massage, and the key to giving and receiving the full body energy orgasm. You will learn the fundamental principles that govern the sexual energy in-depth and how to practically apply them in the practice of Tantra Massage personally or professionally. This is a certificate course.
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